Wheels and rollers for transportation apparatus

We have a solution for almost every problem, whether you want to transport light or heavy loads.

Our current range of products includes more than 8,000 wheels, swivel and fixed castors for industrial applications. We will try to offer you the optimum solution, whether you are looking for a small bed-box roller with a diameter of just 15 mm or a heavy load castor for 6,000 kg.

Many factors need to be considered in order to find the right product. We would like to explain two important factors to you here.

Load-bearing capacity of the wheels or rollers

As a transport trolley may only have 3 wheels or rollers instead of 4 the total load-bearing capacity should always be calculated for only 3 wheels or rollers.


T =

E + Z

n - 1

An example:

A transport trolley should be able to transport 800 kg. The net weight is 100 kg and four rollers are fitted.


T =

Load capacity per roller

E =

100 kg

Z =

800 kg

N =


So the formula is as follows:

T =

100 + 800

4 – 1

T =

300 kg


So you need wheels or rollers with a dynamic load-bearing capacity of at least 300 kg.

Calculate the load capacity per roll with this program:

Total weight:  Kg
Roll numbers:
Carrying capacity per wheel:

Selecting the right course covering

There is a simple rule to guarantee the optimum running properties:

  • Hard floor = soft wheel
  • Soft floor = hard wheel

Of course this is only a guideline. We would be pleased to advise you on any technical questions regarding wheels and rollers and the selection of the right product.

The following product groups are included in our standard programme: 



Furniture casters
From 15 mm up to 75 mm
Load-capacity up to 75 kg


Apparatus casters
From 50 mm up to 150 mm
Load-capacity up to 150 kg

Transportgeräterollen (Kunststoff)

Industrial castors (plastic)
From 65 mm up to 300 mm
Load-capacity up to 200 kg

Transportgeräterollen (Vollgummi)

Industrial castors (rubber)
From 80 mm up to 300 mm
Load-capacity up to 550 kg

Transportgeräterollen (Elastikgummi)

Industrial castors (elastic rubber)
From 80 mm up to 400 mm
Load-capacity up to 1500 kg

Schwerlastrollen (Polyurethan)

Heavy duty casters (polyurethane)
From 33 mm up to 400 mm
Load-capacity up to 3500 kg

Luftbereifte Räder und Rollen

Pneumatic castors
From 150 mm up to 500 mm
Load-capacity up to 500 kg



Steel & cast iron castors
From 50 mm up to 400 mm
Load-capacity up to 12000 kg



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If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to advise you.