Wheel bearings

The wheel bearing is an important factor because the wheels should be fitted with ball bearings if high loads need to be transported. They enable easy pushing and moving of the loads because ball bearings reduce rolling resistance to a minimum. Roller bearings are the standard solution for many wheels as they provide lower roll resistance than sleeve bearings and are maintenance free for the most part.

The term plain bearing is somewhat misleading as these wheels run directly on the axis and have no bearings. Plain bearings are robust and insensitive to shocks. They transport high loads, admittedly with a not inconsiderable expenditure of force and are not maintenance-free, which means that the bearing needs to be lubricated as necessary.


Low cost and impact insensitive wheel bearing must be lubricated regularly, most suitable for short distances where easy running does not play an important role.


Roller bearings are robust and insensitive to impact, maintenance free for the most part. Lower rolling resistance than sleeve bearings. Also available in a rust-free version on request.


Ball bearings are always in demand for very high loads. Very good running properties, very low starting and rolling resistance, very exact directional precision and long lifespan. Also available in a rust-free version on request.


Tapered roller bearings are used with very high radial and axial forces.


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