Product liability

Dear Rollentechnik customer,
The following information on wheels and castors must be observed under the manufacturer's liability for its products as laid down in § 4 of the Product Liability Law. Failure to comply absolves the manufacturer from its liability obligation.

1. Product information and intended use

Wheels and rollers for the purposes of this definition are components that are generally replaceable and that are fitted to devices, furniture and transport systems, or to related products so as to be rendered movable.

This product information pertains to wheels and rollers, in particular to rollers with passive steering (guide rollers), for vehicles and devices moved in a non-automatic manner (hereafter called objects), that are neither moved faster than walking speed (4 km/h) nor are in continual use. Wheels and rollers as defined in this product information can be divided into the following application areas:

Industrial sector:
e.g. transport trolleys and picking trolleys

Foodstuff sector:
e.g. oven racks

Service sector:
e.g. shopping trolleys

Proper fitting in particular is also part of intended use:

  • The product must be fixed securely to the object at the points provided
  • The object must exhibit sufficient rigidity at these places
  • Fitting the product must not impact or modify its function
  • Guide rollers must be fitted such that their swivel axes are vertical
  • Heavy-duty fixed rollers must be fitted such that their wheel axes are aligned
  • Guide rollers of the same type must be used on an object
  • If heavy-duty fixed rollers are also fitted, only rollers recommended here by the manufacturer may be mounted

Custom versions of products (INOX or alternatives) must be specified when they are used in damp locations, near the sea, in aggressive, corrosive environments, or when exposed directly to the elements.
Custom versions of products must be specified when they are deployed in temperatures lower than -5°C and above 40°C (product-dependent deviations are possible). Standard products may on no account be used in these conditions with nominal loading.

Wheel, housing, locking mechanism and axle attachments form one functional unit. Liability obligation is only in place for our original Rollentechnik products.

All loads must be known when rollers and wheels are selected. If they are not, sufficient safety margins must be estimated.

2.  Misuse

Misuse – i.e. wheels and rollers are not used as intended if for example:

  • they are deployed with a higher load capacity than the maximum load carrying capacity specified in this catalogue
  • they are deployed on unsuitable, uneven ground
  • ambient temperatures are too low or too high
  • a device with fixed rollers is moved by force
  • particularly aggressive media can have an effect
  • inappropriate drops in floor level and impacts have an effect
  • foreign material can act upon the bindings
  • they are used at too high a speed
  • modifications are carried out that are not agreed by the manufacturer

3. Product characteristics

If the product characteristics are not specifically defined in our catalogues, brochures, technical specifications, etc., the requirements of our rollers and their components must be agreed with ourselves in writing. The relevant DIN and ISO rules and standards represent the guidelines.

4. Product maintenance

Wheels and rollers must be serviced regularly with regreasing of bearing points and adjustment of detachable joints. Only cleaning agents not containing any corrosive or damaging components may be used. Rollers and their components must be replaced as soon as malfunctions occur.

5. Information and instruction requirements

Available to satisfy the information and instruction requirements, and maintenance work in accordance with the Product Liability Law:

  • Catalogues with product and user information for retailer and finisher
  • Catalogues with product and user information for the user

To safeguard the function of wheels and rollers, dealers are required to observe the product and user information (in 1 ? 5 ), to request it from the manufacturer as required, and to pass it on to the finisher or user. Finishers are required to observe the product information, and to request as required from the dealer or manufacturer the product information and user information. This must then be passed on to the user.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to advise you.

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